Monday, May 30, 2011

What is He trying to say?

It's been a while since I've stopped by. A lot has changed, much has not...but I'm still on my journey of faith. I've have listened and grown, ignored Him and fallen. Needed Him to pick me up and other times He has had to carry me all together. Thank God, for God. For His faith fullness. For His never changing. For His amazing character and flowing grace that I so need every second of every day.

I currently find myself in a season of waiting, of quiet character building and let me tell you there's a lot of building going on. Recently I have found myself encounter several hurtful situations where my character and self worth have been attacked. The enemy has been on the prowl and recently come out in full attack mode. He got me good one day because I allowed it. I didn't have my spiritual armor on, but instead I was wearing my pity party hat. I invited many to attend, but no one came. I was the only one feeling sorry for myself. Feeling very alone and worthless, I sat. I sat expecting to be completely empty, but I wasn't empty as I have been in the past. No, there was something there. Now mind you it was a small, quiet something, but it was there. It was a small still voice that said, "You are loved and you certainly know better than this." A small glimmer of hope reignited in my heart that lead to some diving and saturating my mind and heart in the Word. His Word...the Word He gave to me so that I may know the truth, His truth, the only truth that gives me hope.

So now as that small flame has been reignited I am on my continued journey of faith to discover what God has planned for me. To discover what special purpose I was made for. While I do not know when that will be reveal or when I will be ready to know what awaits for me, I do know this...God wants me to get to know me...the me He created with a perfect plan. The me He created to bring glory to His kingdom. The me He loves so much that He counts every hair on my head and every tear I shed. He feels I am worthy of being loved...then I think its time to get to know the magnificent person He created. After all, if He spent the time, there has to be something good in there and I am excited to find out just what and who that is.