Monday, October 19, 2009

He answered!!!

So life has been a bit of a struggle lately...first my husband had huge problems at work due to some untruthful people. We thought he was going to loose his job. Next, I received a letter from the IRS saying we were being audited. The day I was to share the news of our audit, our sewer backs up into our home, which is my place of business. A days wages lost and a completely stressed out husband, but we survived. I prayed a lot that day...I have been praying a lot every day, leaning on the Lord's strength to get me through. And He has been faithful. That is the only way I have been able to bear the stresses we have endured lately.

Well, after the audit we were sure that HAD to be it...nope not quite. I received a phone call that my 24 year old niece has cancer and would be undergoing Chemotherapy. Ok, we can handle this, I again turn to God. I know He is there. I feel Him near. I sense His spiritual arms wrapped around me holding me tight. It will all be ok. "Look for the lessons here, Kim." Learn what I am attempting to teach you. I am preparing you for something else. Look, listen, and learn." So I continue on, attempting to "Look, Listen, and Learn."

Alright, so my niece is getting the best possible treatment and her prognosis is great! Aaahh, great the next week when it rains and all of a sudden I realize it is raining in my house and the ceiling is sagging, I look up to the Lord and start singing the song "Flood" by Jars of Clay in the most joyful voice I have ever had. Really, what else was there to do? He is there...He has continued to be there and He will continue to be there for me and all of his children. I looked, as He asked me to, around at the water that was seeping into my hardwood floors. I listened, as He had requested, to the sound of the rain dripping in my living room. And I learned on that very day to sing. I sang because it will all be fine. I have faith that I will not allow to falter. I have strength given to me by my Heavenly Father. Anything and All things are possible through HIM. I feel so blessed to have God on my side.

So when I lost 2 clients and over 50% of my income over the last two weeks I didn't panic. I called on the only one who could help me. I prayed for Him to show me what He wished for me to do. Is it time to attempt to go back to a more traditional type job or to continue working from my home and be a part of ever aspect of my two little boys lives? I asked for guidance and praised God for his love, mercy, and grace. Then I began to be active in a pursuit of more clients and to also find a more traditional job. I have continued to pray and tonight I think I got my answer. Today it appears that I have 2 new clients. The hours are a bit shorter, which means the income is a little less, but it will get me through until a time when either the Lord sends someone else into my life or until the times when He shares with me that it is time to move on.

I can not even express how different my life is today. It is amazing because I have an incredible sense of peace. I know the Lord has a plan for me. A good plan...not one of harm, only of good. The experiences that I have had recently all have a purpose, one that I may not clearly understanding right now. They have been difficult, but I feel blessed to be experiencing them because I know that God is using these experiences to prepare me for something.

Dear Lord,
Thank you for having such an incredible plan for my life. It awes me and amazes me that You made me for a specific purpose. I also want to thank you for teaching me how to Look, Listen, and Learn. What an incredible opportunity you have given me! I am sorry that I often fall short, but I am thankful for your grace. Thank you for the challenges and struggles you have given me, as I now know they are only opportunities to grow. I will continue to draw near to you Lord and I thank you for always being here for me. In Jesus' name I pray...Amen.

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