Wednesday, October 21, 2009

My 25 Things...

I recently read a post where the author had listed 25 things that she wanted to do. I pondered making a list and came to the conclusion that is was a great idea. Having a concrete focus would probably help me stay organized, so here we go...

1. Have and keep a daily Bible study and prayer time.

2. Exercise DAILY!!!

3. Create and stick to a daily reading routine with my boys.

4. Organize all of my household paperwork and continue to stay on top of it so it never gets out of control again.

5. Have a daily household cleaning routine. Create it, do it, stick to it!

6. Look for and implement more ways to be be more financially conservative.

7. Complete my Special Education Masters.

8. Have more fun with my kids.

9. Try to find one new activity or place to visit once a month.

10. Find a church that all of my family members enjoy and go weekly.

11. Get baptised.

12. Read more books for pleasure.

13. Keep in better touch with friends and family.

14. Do one kind act for someone every day.

15. Research and implement a healthy diet for my family.

16. Encourage my husband to follow a healthy diet and exercise daily.

17. Research and visit new states to find a great place to raise my boys.

18. Be patient, always...

19. Buy an investment property.

20. Paint the boys' bathroom.

21. Be an encouraging and loving wife and mother at all times.

22. Attend a weekly Bible study.

23. Share my faith openly without fear of judgement or backlash.

24. Have a daily Bible study time with my husband.

25. Get back to my oil painting...

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